Here we present an object schema for describing a quizbowl tournament. Note that this is about the necessary data to pass back and forth and get a full recounting of what happened; it does not attempt to be any type of database schema.

Current version: 2.1.1

Your feedback on the schema is welcome—it's open source!

While we don't anticipate removing anything from this schema in the future, we may add to it. We'll use semantic versioning; if any fields change names or anything is removed or any required fields are added, we'll increment the major version number. If optional fields are added, we'll increment the minor version number.

How to use this schema

Start with the top-level Tournament object. You'll see how everything relates; note that while we include "to-one" and "to-many" relationships between objects, we do not include the inverse relationships, since they're not necessary for data interchange. Your app is welcome to model them.

Supported rule sets

The schema supports matches conducted according to the following rule sets:

  • NAQT
  • Untimed NAQT
  • ACF
  • ACF with powers
  • PACE
  • Formats equivalent to any of the above with bounceback bonuses

Other rule sets may be supported too. If you notice one missing from the above list, let us know!

Serializing a tournament

Once you've modeled all of your data, you may find yourself wanting to serialize it to a file and send it to somebody else. Serialization is on its own page.