A Phase object describes a part of the tournament with a unified match structure. A typical tournament might have one phase for the preliminary rounds and a second phase for the playoff rounds.

Phase object

name String The name of the phase, such as "Preliminary Rounds" or "Playoffs".
description String A description of the phase. Might contain information like how teams are split into pools, the use of power-matching or elimination-based formats, etc.
rounds Array Round The rounds within this phase.
cards_traded Boolean Whether teams may trade cards during this phase. For example, true would be used for a power-matching or elimination structure, while false could be used for a round-robin structure. If absent, assumed to be false.
pools Array Pool The pools (or similar structures) into which teams are placed for this phase.

Round object

name String The name of the round. Possibly numerical; possibly something like "Preliminary Tiebreaker".
description String A description of the round. Probably usually unnecessary, but useful for "special" rounds like tiebreakers.
packets String Free-form information on what packet(s) were used in this round. If this is omitted and the question_set specified in the Tournament object has a packet that logically matches this round's name (e.g. "Round 1" and "Packet 1"), it can be assumed that the matching packet was used (and no other packets were used).
matches Array Match The matches that took place in this round.

Pool object

A Pool object represents a set of teams that, in some meaningful sense, play together for the phase. They might be round-robin pools, playoff tiers, etc. It is not required that teams only play matches within their pool.

name String The name of the pool.
description String A description of the pool.
position Number The position/rank of this Pool among all Pool objects used for its Phase. Need not be unique (e.g. in the case of parallel pools).
pool_teams Array PoolTeam The assignments of teams to pools for this phase.

PoolTeam object

pool Pool The Pool to which the Team is assigned.
team Team The Team being assigned to the Pool.
position Number The final position/rank of this Team within this Pool.